A shameful yet true issue has stung my thoughts, a contagious yet denied dilemma among us, a subject that I have doubted myself to speak up about as it may turn many heads in the wrong direction. Awareness and only awareness is what I am imposing. However obvious it may seem to many it is still camouflaged with the color of our dunes, with the rise of our buildings, and with the growth of our visions. The vast contrast between what is seen and what is really there , the process of coverage and exposure , the conflict between rich and poor and the denial of many. This issue might not seem to be ignored , however it seems to be abandoned by many.

My issue may impose as an offensive one, however it is also a very truthful one. Raising awareness Is my only goal as no one might have the courage to do so . In my case my creativity is my sword and shield and I shall fight for my country and protect with it. A series of awareness print advertisements is my first step in dealing with this controversial issue, it may not seem as a solution, but it may lead to one . I know that this specific “truth” may be an intolerable issue to many, yet it is a very realistic one.

As many of our citizen wallow in the shame of this predicament , I will not lower my head with them and curl up in their shadow, I will not be the one to sit and ponder forever , I will be the one to stand up and speak , let my words flow with the heated breeze of our beloved country , in the hope of making a difference…..

Dubai cares.. but it is also in need of care…

Part 1 :

After settling with the concept that I wanted to focus on, I really wanted my work to convey the simplicity yet severance of the issue. It is a concerning vital issue, yet can be solved very easily if it was given enough care and thought. Therefore I wanted too place the images that i haven chosen in a way that  will blend into each other without showing a lot of manipulation since I wanted to show the general picture of this issue and not a specific one. Another factor of blending them very closely into each other is the fact that I did not want to distract the viewers from the concept, therefore purposely did not add any distracting graphics that might take away from the message that the work is trying to bring across.

The steps:

  1. The images were already auto fixed and the colors were already manipulated in photo shop by using the Auto fix tool, Brightness and Contrast, and the Curves tool. I used these tools in order to set the same color tones in the images that I wanted to place together. This will help me blend the images without it being to obvious.
  2. I then went on to choosing the images that I wanted to incorporate into my work , I opened all 8 of them in photo shop.
  3. I chose the Burj Dubai  images as the basic foundation om my whole artwork and then build on it by adding the other images as layers over it.
  4. The basic process will be to place an image on top pf the other and use the normal brush tool but change it so that it is clear and it will allow the image behind to show in the places that I would like to show.





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