Photography Research:

Photography Research Photography Research

Captured several different angles in order to have a variety to experiment with. The different positions of the paper clip will also give me flexibility when it comes to the next stage of this project which is defining emotions and characteristics.


Stylized Black and White Paper Clip:

Here are the steps that I used to guid me through stylizing the paper clip in black and white.

  1. Place the black paper clip on a white background and take photos of the object from different angles (you can vary the shape as much as you like).
  2. Choose 4 images that you like, and open them in Photoshop.
  3. Adjust levels, brightness and contrast if needed in Photoshop.
  4. Save each image in Photoshop (.psd) format.
  5. Create a new A4 document in Illustrator.
  6. Go to File > Place and place each of the 4 photos in your A4 document.
  7. Create a tracing template for the 4 photos, as we did in class.
  8. Create a new layer for each object, and start tracing on the new layer (not on the layer template).
  9. Trace each point of view of the object (manually, using the pen tool and other tools if needed, or using the live trace feature, or a combination of both), stylized in black and white (no grays)
  10. Choose one of the 4 drawings and add the cast shadow(s) in gray.
  • First step

Paper Clip paper clipping

  • Second step


After experimenting and playing around with illustrator tools, I am starting to feel more confident in creating more complex shapes. I am also comfortable with illustrator and am able to start conveying more than just shapes but pieces of art with meaning behind them .


Adding a Piece of me…. isn’t that what art is about ?

  • First Step

    Describing myself in 4 words….

    1. A PERFECTIONIST all the time
    2. A LEADER in most situations
    3. Wont strive without a CHALLENGE
    4. Believes in HIDING ones feelings, if you share it .. it multiplies
  • Experimenting

paper clip

The main Black and White
stylized paper clip.

picture-14 leadership: I have placed the composition in order to represent and convey leadership. The large
paper clip symbolizes the leader and the small organized paper clips symbolize the team. I have re-experimented after the critique we had in class to improve the design as was suggested.


Perfectionist : Representing perfectionist aligning the paperclips in a straight line , however the paperclips themselves are diagonal to represent that I am a perfectionist in my own way.picture-155


picture-16To convey the parts that i try to hide on a daily basis, the composition is cut off  to exemplify that the clip is in hiding.



Placed them randomly to show that challenges and obstacles jump up every day through your journey of life, they are unpredictable.


Feelings in Color

Color stylized:




The leader paper clip stands out with authority in this color, the eye goes straight to it and then follows the trail under it .



Yellow emphasis’s that the perfection that is part of my personality is different, every person is different that’s what makes us unique. The contrast allows it to stand out.





Hidden was a struggle personally for me, however when i thought about my concept , I wanted to convey that the paperclip is as visible to everyone, however it is trying to go onto hiding. I found that this characteristic was a lot easier to describe in black and white than color



Here the different colored paper clips  describes the different challenges and their effect on my life.




To conclude, this project has been a crucial turning point in my skills in both illustrator and photo shop. I have benefited greatly , not only from the skills but how to incorporate them in my daily life and my future work.

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